Everybody Hurts

The human nervous system was not designed for the stressful 24/7 noise of modern life. If we had a Happiness 101 class in school, we would have known that addictions never work. They promise happiness, give you a taste, then enslave you. Whether you’re drinking, drugging, shopping, gambling or watching porn, the happiness eventually disappears and the misery takes over as you brain becomes dependent on the rush. Sober Buddha Counseling is the Happiness 101 class you never took in school. The healthy thinking, feeling, speaking and behavior methods we use are psychological, scientific and spiritually-proven in years of clinic and field research. Drop the heavy rock you’re carrying and give us a few hours a week of your time. It’s never too late to learn the skill of happiness.


Sober Buddha Counseling combines the imaginative practices of depth psychologists like Dr. Carl Jung, mythologist Joseph Campbell, meaning-of-life advocate Viktor Frankl and wisdom-rich Eastern mindfulness traditions. We believe it is unethical to diagnose clients with mental illnesses required by health insurers and do not accept any such compensation. Instead, we focus in making profound personal changes at the deep psychological level of your heart and soul. Step outside the matrix of social conditioning and learn to define yourself as a unique person. For a taste of this counseling style, browse the Video Room and Listening Room . . . you will be inspired!

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