Real-time hypnosis sessions and meditation instructions

Welcome to the Sober Buddha Listening Room. Take a break from your daily routine, relax and tune into our educational and experiential audios. You can listen to real-time samples of hypnotherapy trance induction and suggestion and Vipassana mindfulness meditation instructions.

New additions to The Listening Room appear every month, so keep listening. New additions to the Educational section will include talks on the soul-oriented spiritual psychology of Dr. Carl Gustav Jung, Joseph Campbell’s famous Hero’s Journey myth and learning to speak the language of archetypes. Look also for posts on the existential meaning-of-life Logotherapy of Dr. Viktor Frankl. He helps you see the silver lining in even the darkest clouds.

These samples give you a taste of how Sober Buddha Counseling can help you overcome self-limiting beliefs and open the door to higher consciousness. If you like what you hear, call (949) 212-4149 to arrange a complimentary evaluation session at our Dana Point, CA location. You can also work with Sober Buddha Counseling by Skype, FaceTime, and phone.

Meditation tips
that work!

I’m practicing the meditation tips in the Listening Room and am attending my first public sitting with a meditation group in my neighborhood this evening! Your practice is benefitting me and I’m grateful. Thank you, Sober Buddha. Have a wonderful day!
– Athena, 62, Los Angeles


Beyond Drugs and Alcohol

This talk explains how and why obsessive-compulsive behaviors can be just as addicting and damaging as drugs and alcohol.

Personal Growth After Sobriety

Designed to help people who are already sober. The information and counseling help accelerate personal growth when the mind and body are more stable.

Your Two Minds – Conscious and Unconscious

A hypnotherapy educational talk on how the conscious and unconscious minds work during hypnosis.

Tips for Best Meditation Practice

Specific recommendations for how to benefit most from your Sober Buddha Counseling vipassana training.

Intentional Breath Attention

Intentionally return your attention to the breath every time you catch yourself daydreaming. Eventually, your mind will learn that breath is more important than thoughts, and concentration will become habitual.


Anapanasati – Breathing Your Way to Nirvana

Learn how to breathe your way to Nirvana in just 10 minutes!

Feeling Body Meditation

Basic first instruction of working with physical sensations.

Thinking Process Meditation

Instruction on working with the thinking process.

Meditation on Worry

This technique allows you to stop obsessing about problems and lets you release them through mindful concentration on the parts of the body where you hold the worry.


How To Use Sober Buddha Hypnotherapy Audios

Breath Rhythm Trance Induction

This recording shows you how an actual hypnotic trance induction works.