“His craving for alcohol was the equivalent on a low level of the spiritual thirst of our being for wholeness, expressed in medieval language:
the union with God.“
C.G. Jung to Bill Wilson, 1961

Learn how to —

  • Practice healthy lifestyle alternatives to addictive behavior.
  • Use free will and choice to speed up recovery.
  • Enjoy donating your time and energy to a cause-related group. (Examples – environmental, human or animal rights, hunger, poverty, education)
  • Express yourself in arts, crafts and hobbies.
  • Take advantage of virtually unlimited educational opportunities.
  • Treat yourself to healthy pleasures like retreats, massage, nature excursions and travel.
  • Use self-soothing techniques to manage anxiety and craving.
  • Use a sober community to prevent relapse and build social skills.
  • Explore spiritual and metaphysical opportunities like meditation and prayer.

Jung Letter

A letter from Dr. Carl Jung to Bill Wilson

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