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Medical Issue Resolved

“I have chronic tinnitus ringing sounds in my ears. Drugs and sound-masking machines help a little, but it’s been difficult to relax, because I resist the ringing. Dr. Hoffman hypnotized me to think of the ringing sound as a reminder of a relaxed feeling throughout my body. The tinnitus is still there, but instead of bothering me, it reminds me to relax my body.”
– Martin, 65, Irvine

“Getting physically sober was only the beginning of my recovery. I was still overly emotional after two years off drugs. I wanted more help than I got from my talk therapist and AA, so I tried mindfulness meditation. It works! I can relax and let my thoughts and feelings come and go without getting panicky. I like what Dr. Hoffman says, “Just breathe and do the next indicated thing.”Candace, 23, San Clemente


“Before I learned mindfulness meditation, I thought I needed music or a guided imagery CD to listen to. Now my own body sensations, thoughts and emotional feelings are all I need to meditate on. I can just sit and slip into meditation without needing an iPod or a counselor guiding me through it. Thanks, Dr. Hoffman.”
– Donald, 19, Dana Point

“Hypnosis scared me. I was worried that I wouldn’t have any control of what happened in a hypnotherapy session. But Dr. Hoffman explained that everything he suggested while I was in trance would be to overcome the problem (smoking) I wanted to fix. I cut back 50 percent after the first session, and after the second session a week later I was done with smoking. No cigarettes for the last 15 months!”Donna, 42, Newport Beach

Customized Hypnosis Experience

“Recently Michael crafted and provided me with a powerful hypnosis experience. While centered on one issue, he wrote it specifically for me with the opportunity to apply in other situations should I choose. Yes, different from other therapists, Michael writes a script based on specifically what his clients want to accomplish, integrating what he knows about them. This is a gift! And, it worked. I immediately recognized that my issue was no longer a worry. Amazing! I also must note that Michael’s support in teaching me Mindfulness Meditation helped me to prepare to be open and accepting of hypnosis. So, if you want to learn to be present and change that which nags you, give Michael a call.”
– Roger, 67, Newport Beach

“A big dose of gratefulness to you as last night I slept — I mean really slept which sounds so ho-hum but for me is a joyful experience. This morning I feel relaxed and happy with an energy for the day and an awareness that all is good and as it should be.Lydia, 54, San Clemente