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Monarch Beach, CA — January 4, 2016 — The Mindful Diagnosis tool from Sober Buddha Counseling helps mental health professionals and clients engage in meaningful psycho-spiritual dialog. The format identifies aptitude for Eastern mindfulness practices and the Western psychology of the unconscious mind. It does not use mental illness labels to diagnose clients. The Mindful Diagnosis format is offered free by download here for the convenience of both counselors and clients.

Caring For The Soul

“In original Greek, ‘therapy’ translates as ‘to care for the soul.’ The Mindful Diagnosis format begins a healing journey beyond self-limiting beliefs and social conditioning into mental and spiritual potential. Happiness comes when people identify with their higher selves instead of what someone else says is wrong with them,” says Sober Buddha Counseling founder, Michael Hoffman.

Mindful Diagnosis dialog covers five topics:

1) Challenges to spiritual growth
2) Archetypal “shadow” elements in the unconscious mind
3) Physical and psychological energy blockages
4) Factors inhibiting development of mindful living
5) Current stage of psychospiritual development

Consciousness Surveys

Clients also take one or more psycho-social surveys at the counselor’s discretion. Surveys may include; Daily Experiences of Mindfulness, Life Purpose Questionnaire, Spiritual Life Inventory, Measuring Five Facets of Mindfulness, Inspiration Scale, Locus of Control Measurement.

Sober Buddha Counseling uses Buddhist psychotherapy, authentic Vipassana mindfulness meditation, clinical hypnotherapy, the depth psychology of Dr. Carl Gustav Jung and Dr. Viktor Frankl’s paradoxical intention tool for rational risk-taking following Mindful Diagnosis.

Sober Buddha Counseling was founded in 2003 to treat anxiety, depression and addiction using Eastern and Western methods. Hoffman is a Doctor of Addictive Disorders, a Master Hypnotherapist and holds a Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology with Emphasis on Depth Psychology from the Pacifica Graduate Institute. His popular books, Life After Rehab: How to Stay Sober in the Outside World and The Thirsty Addict Papers: Spiritual Psychology for Counselors are available at

About Michael Hoffman

Michael Hoffman

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Professional counselor Michael Hoffman motivates clients to overcome anxiety, depression and addiction by transforming self-limiting beliefs. His mindfulness meditation techniques help them discover new meaning in life as they grow more conscious of their psychological and spiritual potential. He is a Doctor of Addictive Disorders (Dr.AD) and a certified hypnotherapist (CHt).

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