The Monk, the Tiger and the Strawberry: A Story About Living in the Present Moment

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One afternoon a devoted monk walked along a bubbling brook deep in the forest. He gathered water there every day. When he knelt to dip his bucket in the water, he heard the bushes rustle behind him. He turned and saw a huge tiger staring at him and licking his hungry lips.

The monk jumped up, dropped his bucket and fled. The tiger leapt after him. The monk ran deeper into the forest than he had ever gone before. He kept running. The tiger kept chasing.

The thick foliage ended at a steep cliff. The monk stopped short and looked over the edge. He saw sharp rocks hundreds of feet below. If he jumped, he would die.

The tiger began to pounce. The monk thought dying on the rocks below was better than being eaten alive. He jumped. He grabbed desperately at vines and roots on the cliff wall to slow his fall. He caught hold of a thick vine, gripped hard and stopped his fall. He looked up at the growling tiger above. He looked down at the rocks below.

At that moment, the monk saw a plump red strawberry hanging on the vine. He forgot the tiger and the rocks. He plucked the strawberry and popped it into his mouth. He bit down slowly and savored the delicious sweetness.

“This is the most delicious strawberry I have ever eaten,” the monk thought.

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Professional counselor Michael Hoffman motivates clients to overcome anxiety, depression and addiction by transforming self-limiting beliefs. His mindfulness meditation techniques help them discover new meaning in life as they grow more conscious of their psychological and spiritual potential. He is a Doctor of Addictive Disorders (Dr.AD) and a certified hypnotherapist (CHt).

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